How the New Digital Marketplace Drives Independent Wealth...

How the New Digital Marketplace Drives Independent Wealth Management M&A

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, October 21, 2019

The digital marketplace connects wealth managers who are interested in buying or selling, along with integrating the access to finance.  

FREMONT, CA: A pioneer in the correspondent lender, SkyView, has launched Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE). It is a subscription-free turnkey solution for buying and selling wealth management practices in conjunction with access to a bank that finances via a secure and confidential platform. SkyView sought to launch an online M&A experience for independent and registered Wealth Managementinvestment advisors. The company narrows the dislocation between the number of buyers and sellers coming to the market with an efficient and confidential platform. 

APBOE has multiple features that attract prospective buyers like precise seller search results, site participation anonymity maintained by allowing verified sellers to view buyer profiles, and a platform to compete for seller listings. Furthermore, APBOE requires an M&A consultant, utilized for sell-side representation, to promote anonymity and productivity for sellers. They can now search prospective buyers based on their PurchasingPower score, a proprietary ranking methodology gauging buyer creditworthiness and preparedness to acquire a practice, with the M&A consultants. The APBOE staffs derive the buyer's PurchasingPower score from 31 data points. Buyers need to develop a verified PurchasingPower score to compete by completing a practice profile by providing substantial documentation.          

Minnesota-based correspondent lender, SkyView Partners, focuses on empowering independent advisors, broker-dealers, and RIAs to pursue mergers, succession plans, and acquisitions. The company utilizes its national network of well-capitalized and progressive lenders to provide financial advisors with increased choice, efficiency, flexibility, and competitive terms and conditions for borrowers. The firm strives to provide the registered and independent advisor with the funding required to compete with industry consolidators, threatening the existence of small business ownership. SkyView provides access to a broad network of lenders with an efficient turnkey experience to search, select, and finance M&A through APBOE and The Lender Marketplace integration.    

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