Jazz Network Releases Version 4 of its Cybersecurity Platform

Jazz Network Releases Version 4 of its Cybersecurity Platform

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Jazz Networks, a London-based company that provides user behavior analytics and cybersecurity solutions, has released version 4 of its cybersecurity platform. The company offers a unique blend of behavior analytics, machine learning techniques, excellent data visibility and real-time actions for innovative data loss protection techniques.

Version 4 of the Jazz Networks platform can give real-time feedback to employees who act against their company’s security policy. The platform also allows the security professionals in a company to customize the pop-up notifications explaining a policy violation to the end user. The new features will encourage better security habits across an organization’s workforce by directly correlating an employee’s action to an outcome. Furthermore, the new features of version 4 augment the threat hunting and forensic capabilities of the platform’s power search. It allows security professionals to instantly search current and previous data to investigate, respond, and regain control at the event of a cyber attack.

In addition to the current features which include the ability to lock a machine, isolate a server or machine, and push for multi-factor authentication (MFA), version 4 of Jazz networks also allows the security professionals to take screenshots of an employee’s desktop if they find any suspicious activity. There are many other highlights of version 4, which are as follows:

•  Mac agents
•  Additional machine learning sensors
•  DNS exfiltration detection
•  Detailed browser and printer events
•  Richer application metadata
•  Third-party integrations with Splunk and Slack to integrate into current workflows
•  G Suite integration which captures user activity and document access in the cloud

The new platform enables the Jazz Networks to take their platform from a strong visibility and UBA tool to a more holistic solution that helps enterprises in protecting their three most important assets which are people, data and their reputation. 

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