Overcoming the Cyberthreat-fear with Technologies

Overcoming the Cyberthreat-fear with Technologies

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today, cybersecurity has become a common issue that people are facing in everyday life. Organizations are not able to breathe peacefully when the predicament is about cybersecurity. While cybersecurity is a legal business threat that needs to be solved with the help of information and knowledge-driven practices such as vulnerability testing and continual patching, companies are floating in fear of security concerns. Security issues like hacking, data theft, site defacement, and malware insertion have become a common fear for website owners. Although hosting providers offer free scanning facilities, they charge customers in order to solve the actual problem, such as malware or virus removal.

Machine learning can today help organizations protect themselves against cyber threats. The technology helps security analysts predict virus or malware behaviors. Machine learning uses algorithms at the initial stage of attacks to identify the fragments of evidence. Small organizations finally realize that they must be as ready as large organizations for cybersecurity so that it is no longer an IT problem, but a major challenge for every organization. The increase in the level of cyber attacks will be seen as never before, and organizations must prepare themselves to combat such ever-increasing security challenges by using technology.

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Hackers are now using crypto-ransomware, which encrypts all data files on the user device and makes them inaccessible. According to Malwarebytes, the malware that accounts for nearly 60 percent of all infections shows a screen that demands hundreds of dollars from victims. The hackers destroy user files if victims don't pay in time. The ransomware attacks are easy to solve if the user has recent and complete data; all he has to do is to store the untainted files to the system. But before starting restoring, one should take care that the system has security software that can remove the infected security software.

Companies should focus on sensitizing employees in the development and implementation of solutions while implementing security programs across organizations. By educating employees in the company regardless of their role, it will be helpful for them to understand the integration of security controls and privacy processes from the outset.

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