Portfolio Analytics Tools Revolutionizing Capital Markets

Portfolio Analytics Tools Revolutionizing Capital Markets

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In recent years, technology has supported the capital markets industry by developing optimized solutions and managing projects or business portfolios. The new age innovative solutions offer all-around portfolio analytics, which includes performance reports and data detailing return on investment and associated risks. The solutions’ ability to access precise business information and run complete analysis helps the professionals to minimize risks and maximize returns. Today, startups are coming up with several portfolio analytics tools to provide crucial information about the financial health of the companies and help the organizations to synchronize with vision, mission, and objectives.


Mint offers investment and portfolio analytics tools for beginners in the investment market. It provides various tips and advises for both the active and passive investors to manage their money, save, spend, budget, and track through the online portal. The web-based software links to the user accounts and analyzes the financial picture quickly. The portal efficiently tracks different financial accounts, including credit, banking, investment, and retirement.


The robotic portfolio analyzer, SigFig offers free portfolio tracking and asset management. The robot-driven investing platform helps to analyze, monitor, and improve any portfolio, automatically balances and diversifies investments, reduces risks and minimizes fees. SigFig works as an intermediary between retail investors and advisors to offer the top position of the investment portfolio. The automated tool uses investor data to optimize the portfolio in minutes, connect to any investment account, diagnose common problems, and offer unbiased and personal recommendations to manage risks while improving return and lowering the fees. The portfolio tracker reports through weekly email summary, latest portfolio news, and a snapshot of portfolio performance.


FutureAdvisor offers free personal investment analytics to build diversified and tax-efficient investment portfolios. The platform offers low fee exchange-traded funds in their portfolios with the customer risk profile. It also re-balances the portfolio when necessary, while providing features such as accessing licensed financial advisors and service specialist, and tax-loss harvesting. It frames a portfolio dashboard with detailed reports for past performance, trades, and holdings. The robot advisory firm manages the customer’s existing investment accounts by automatically monitoring, re-balancing, and managing tax for existing investments. The automated robo-advisor investment platform uses its owned funds to achieve the desired asset allocation and maintains certain investment positions in the portfolio.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital, the portfolio analytics platform, offers loads of features through mobile and computer application. The personalized dashboard synchronizes with the bank and credit card statements, and investment accounts, which avail an all-around view of the user’s investment performance along with some useful market details. The advanced tool helps to analyze the cash flow, including both income and expenses, calculate the net worth, check on and analyze the performance of investments, and review the asset allocation.


FeeX enables critical platforms to solve financial outcomes for both financial professionals and end clients. The platform analyzes user portfolio and calculates funds with lower cost. FeeX brings transparency to investments and fees. The application merges with all the financial accounts of the user while offering sets of recommendations. It analyzes investment data, tax efficiency, and shows potential savings of the customer portfolio. The offered platform to capture and convert leads by leveraging a fully customizable fee analytics platform. It highlights unique insights of the proprietary funds, plan level fees, and more. The ability to integrate seamlessly boosts the control over portfolio management processes.

The implementing of portfolio analytics tools allows investors to collect insights into a different account and their activities under one platform. Advanced portfolio analytics tools help the investors to make data-driven decisions and manage the portfolio more efficiently. The technical analysis of the portfolio achieves the need for diversification in the global market. With the advantage of full control and access to the insights, portfolio managers explore top investment-worthy opportunities.

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