Problems and Solutions of AI Implementation

Problems and Solutions of AI Implementation

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the toast for all the technology-savvy enterprises. Integration of AI caters businesses with vast amounts of transformation opportunities. But on the contrary, it is true that adopting and the combination of AI technologies is a roller coaster ride and no matter how prepared a business is the adoption of AI can still be challenging.

1. Data is the king but what about quality?

The success of the AI solution directly depends upon the quality of data it is fed with. For many marketing teams, a comprehensive and well-designed data cleanup project should be the first step in their AI journey. Before marketers can take advantage of AI, they must ensure that whether the data gathered is up to date or not.

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2. How accurate is data intake?

After collecting high-quality data, it becomes essential that the marketing AI solution can comprehend data quickly in real-time and apply it correctly wherever necessary. For instance, how accurate do Google maps work and provide real-time information?

3. Humans aren’t going anywhere

AI is designed to help humans and not to replace them. The end motive is to make appropriate use of data and automation elements so that marketers participate in a long-term goal rather than rote tasks.

4. Compromising the Quality of the Questions?

AI is designed to answer questions that are directly asked; therefore users must carefully phrase a problem and make sure that they are asking the right one. One must remember that the AI solution won’t know answers for everything intuitively, but a human must; for instance if an individual wants to know about cash mortgages and is seeking debt consolidation assistance.

AI has many exciting applications and has a lot to offer in the marketing sector. Humans are not being replaced; instead, AI is coming in to do all the mundane tasks. The rise of AI will be transformative, and the technologies associated with AI, when applied correctly will undoubtedly improve the marketing operations. When marketers will understand the capabilities of AI and find the right solutions they will be prepared to reap the benefits of this technology.

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