Staying ahead in the Marketplace with AI-enabled Applications

Staying ahead in the Marketplace with AI-enabled Applications

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019



The evolution of technology is a major disruptor to existing industries, and this is nowhere more evident than in the case of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and its impact on different industries. AI is the process by which a machine can decide on its own in some circumstances without the need for human control. AI has the potential to have a major impact on the way employees work, do business, and select goods between other functions.

The financial sector, which includes banks, insurance companies, and private capital firms, among others is slowly realizing AI’s enormous potential to improve efficiency and the scale of its business. AI helps banks in a variety of jobs, such as the distribution of loans, the approval of an individual's creditworthiness, or even the forecasting of the stock market trend. Since AI has no human emotions, the chance to make an emotional decision is zero. Financial institutions can use this powerful technology to reduce the likelihood of fraud and bad debt by thoroughly evaluating a customer's creditworthiness before giving him a loan. Many industries are currently using AI to improve customer interaction and enhance user experience.

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AI has the ability to move large data in a very short time to find the best answer to the customer’s question with chatbots. The BPO industry is one industry in which the experts feel the greatest impact of AI. People in the industry predict that AI platforms will answer all customer queries in the future. It also has advantages like the standardized form of service that can be kept open 24x7 and cost-effectiveness because companies do not have to pay a ton of money for the salaries of workers who answer different questions.

AI and machine learning have enabled a new way of processing information, enabling electronics companies to create a data loop through which they learn and improve business processes continuously. And with real-time, predictive insight that sheds light on internal operations and external market conditions, companies can seize unforeseen opportunities to reshape product and service development. Since the technology is developing and expanding continuously, AI should be a top priority for companies wishing to succeed in the competitive market.

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