Why is Reconciliation Software Capital Markets' New Favorite?

Why is Reconciliation Software Capital Markets' New Favorite?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

ReconciliationTech-based accounting software gains popularity across the capital markets industry, as the software holds the potential to revolutionize conventional reconciliation processes.   

FREMONT, CA: Reconciliation is an essential process for banks, which ensures the accuracy of all the financial data collected through the banks' operation. Reconciling bank statements include precisely checking the transactions in the accounting data and matching the statements with registered entries. Humans performed the early reconciliation processes, used to be tedious, and had high risks of human errors. With the advantages of emerging technologies, today, the reconciliation processes are automated and more accurate.

The ever-growing data of transactions are challenging for professionals to match the balance in the accounting ledger personally. How


ever, accounting software has gained massive popularity by automating repetitive and complex work. Advanced accounting software collects details of transactions, organizes the valuable data as per the current customs rules, and reconciles them in data sets. The adoption of accounting software saves a significant amount of time and effort for the cap[ital market firms.

Data aggregators help in accessing a list of transactions and eliminate chances of repetitive entries while adding the details to the accounting software. The accounting software enables the users to check transactions through their amount, date description, and the information of the payee and the payer. Transaction filtering feature filters and categorizes transactions automatically.

Cloud-based accounting software provides a better alternative to reconciliation processes over desktop accounting applications. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud accounting software proves to be more efficient than the conventional system accounting applications. AI tracks the uncategorized transactions from the repositories. Advanced reconciliation software promotes automation in the capital markets industry. Software-driven consolidation and categorization processes deliver a significant reduction in human efforts and the possibilities of errors.

A software-based accounting solution holds the potential to tackle digital age challenges of reconciliations by delivering transaction recording and categorizing expertise to the firms.

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